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Why Choose

ACC Group Co.?


Trust is earned and is a critical element in any healthy and achieving business relationship. Our years of experience, combined with a track record of proven results speak for themselves. 


Challenges excite us! With over 35 years in the transportation, logistics and import/export business, we understand supply chain management. Analyses translate into solutions and then into execution – all of which we have proven experience in achieving.


We produce results. Employing your existing infrastructure, we will provide you with supply chain management solutions designed to produce results that improve delivery times, utilization rates and profitability.


We take a fresh look at supply chain performance measures looking at the supply chain as a whole. Efficient supply chain management is a critical component of profitability. Evolving markets and economies demand innovation. We enjoy years-long associations with some of the largest global solution designers and integrators, allowing us to view the latest designs and technologies and, where applicable and cost-justified, share these with you.


ACC approaches all challenges and solutions with an open-minded, friendly yet achieving fashion. Having decades-long experience of introducing innovative solutions after detailed and speedy analyses, we go further. We can manage the change process on the floor. This we have done without any adverse industrial actions, negative fall out or suppressed discontent. We can take the solution from the design board to the floor, managing the process, educating and recruiting the players, through to final execution and success. We do not impose or force people to change, rather working logically and rationally, co-ordinating and co-operating with all stakeholders.

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